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January 09, 2010



I understand how you feel about Laura. I don't feel the hatred toward her that a lot of people seem to; she seems like a sweet young woman, who, through no fault of her own, constantly gets handled with kid gloves. Hard to tell what Wilkie was going for here. It's not like he was a conventional Victorian, so why write such an exaggeratedly conventional Victorian heroine? As I said at Leila's blog, even Dickens wrote stronger heroines.

Oh, and nice drawings!


I think what annoys me about Laura is that only has she been made delicate by the people who love her, but that she doesn't do anything to change it. I feel like there should be some deep anger somewhere, you know? That's just waiting to burst out. I feel like Laura should have a fit, or something. It's just weird (and kinda creepy) to me that she lets herself be pushed around all the time.

However, it DOES make more sense, psychologically, that she's just letting herself be coddled-- because what else does she know? And it's more Properly Victorian Lady-ish as well. With Marian, I don't think she knows how to NOT coddle Laura, and so they're stuck in this cycle.

But I do agree with Gina that I wish Laura had been more unconventional. It would have been less boring. (This is probably why I want Laura to snap. I want excitement!)


I feel really, really bad for Laura, for all of the reasons everyone has mentioned. That said, I think she might be pretty realistic for the time (which is also somewhat depressing), and if that's true, that would explain the lack of frustration/anger on her part.

Then again... Could something have happened in Laura's past to make other people treat her like she's delicate? (I obviously haven't finished it!) I mean, her mini-tantrum at the piano suggested (to me) that maybe there are some roiling emotions... Maybe she's got more in common with the Woman in White than her appearance?


Yes, I too, am wondering if something happened to Laura in the past. She definitely depresses me a bit, but mostly because I don't see a way out for her to break her glass shell. I mean, as mentioned, I see a 2010 way, but maybe not a mid-19th century way. I, too, wish she was less conventional and almost always feel that depressing/boring feeling creeping up on me when she enters the scene - although I'm hoping that something exciting is yet to happen! An yes, my drawings. Thanks! I'm super professional. ;-) It's fun to draw, as wonky and wrongly-scaled the drawings may turn out.

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